LITEX PIX General info

Brilliant colours in a new light

HD through digital printing on glass

Inimitably good and up until now unknown adhesion qualities, combined with photo-realistic resolution.

Digital printing on glass allows what until now were unimaginable forms in design on facades, partitions and foyers. As an individual accent in modern rooms, photo-prints on glass give a coloured brilliance and play with transparency and refraction in the material. For everyone’s affordable unique pieces such as POS, displays and advertising, LITEX PIX makes them easily possible.

Images which can be seen from both sides of doors and partitions is possible even with our simplest solution. With distinct differences in brightness, we suggest using the backlit version which retains its translucency. Even a partial coverage brings an exciting ambience, as well as SATINOVO effects using graduated prints from 0 to 100 % can create discreet and soft moods.

For logos, displays or advertising boards with back lighting, practice has shown that a white background acts very well as a diffusor. The message becomes brilliant in its colour resolution. In this case viewing from the rear is not intended.

LITEX PIX also for facades

LITEX PIX is also available in insulating units. UV-stability allows large expanses of designs on facades – letting your fantasy run wild.

Practical suitability has been proven

In alignment with the current glass standard EN 1279-2, LITEX PIX has been positively tested over a period of 7 weeks at temperatures from – 18 to + 58 °C at a relative humidity of 40 – 100 %.
The abrasion-resistance was tested in alignment with EN ISO 1518 and achieved a scratch-resistance of 9-10 which is about 60 % of a ceramic coating.

Regular glass cleaner will not damage the thermo-fixed digital print. Our specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines for LITEX PIX [PDF].