Anti-reflective glass – for interiors and exteriors

VISION-LITE is an anti-reflective laminated safety glass with very low light reflectance – less than 1 %. It provides maximum transparency and exceptional clarity. It is particularly resistant to abrasion and scratching and fulfills the highest level of durability - Class A of EN 1096.

The extremely low residual reflection - 10 times lower than conventional glass - the maximum transparency and resulting colour contrast, which is achieved through the high light transmission, make VISION-LITE an ideal product for all glass applications where reflections can be disturbing. Thanks to its excellent transparency VISION-LITE also has promotionally effective window dressing and the bonus of reducing the need for artificial lighting.

VISION-LITE is suitable for glazing where better vision outwards is necessary even at night-time. In particular excellent uses would be for control and observations rooms (air-traffic control towers), television studios, translators and acoustic cabins. For display cases in museums, zoos and aquarium or as vending machines, VISION-LITE can be made impact or penetration-resistant. Even bullet-resistant glazing is possible.

VISION-LITE is coated on both sides by the magnetic sputtering method. Transportation, handling and installation as well as maintenance have special measures for protection, see the chapter on Technology.

Standard composition laminated safety glass

  Thick* Light transmission Reflecion inside and outside
laminated safety glass
8/2 98 < 1
12/2 98 < 1
16/2 97 < 1
* interlayer PvB 0,38 mm

Standard composition insulated glass

  Light transmission Reflection outside Reflection inside
VISION-LITE 8/2 15 mm (A) 4 mm PLANITHERM/ 4 mm VISION-LITE 90 2 3

VISION-LITE can also be processed into insulated glass.