Heat Strengthened Glass to EN 1863

PLANIDUR is heat-strengthened glass (HS) (or TVG in German) to EN 1863, which has undergone a special heat treatment in order to increase its strength against mechanical and thermal loading. Its breakage behaviour is similar to that of normal annealed glass. PLANIDUR is not a safety glass. As the individual sheets in a laminate, the advantages of PLANIDUR combined with the lamination become evident in that it has the safety characteristics of laminated safety glass. Specific national, regional or local codes and/or standards for application of heat-strengthened glass can differ significantly. The purchaser is responsible for the prevailing requirements.


  • In breakage, a number of radial fractures run from the breakage epicentre to the glass edge. This characteristic, combined with its mechanical strength, provides a very high structural integrity when used in laminated glass STADIP.
  • PLANIDUR has a mechanical strength value between that of Float glass and Fully Tempered SECURIT. Because of this characteristic, breakages resulting from thermal stress do not occur as they might do in annealed glass.

PLANIDUR can also be manufactured as enamelled or screen-printed HS glass.

Heat Soak Testing of PLANIDUR is not necessary to comply with the General Building Permit Z-70.3-68.

Fracture pattern HS - example