Insulated glass with integral blind – manually controllable

1. Dimensions

Standard composition  
Maximum width 2000 mm
Maximum glass area 5 m²

The magnetic effect is reduced depending on the thickness of the glass. The following maximum dimensions are to be observed when using thicker inner sheets:

Maximum dimensions when using thicker inner sheets
Inner sheet 8 mm thick max. glass area 4 m²
Inner sheet 8,76 to 12 mm thick max. glass area 2,6 m²

ECKELT will determine the composition of the glass – glass thickness with cavity width of 32 mm – depending on the application, location of building above sea-level, climate loads and barometric pressure. In order to avoid the glass and louvres coming into contact, pressure equalisation is carried out in the factory.


2. System appearance

Relevant dimensions such as location of operating unit, visible width, louvre box height etc can be seen in the appearance diagram on the right.

Cord-pull – manual operating unit
The control of the functions is carried out via an endless cord ring, which allows the tilting of the louvres as well as lifting and lowering of the complete blind. The operation is easy and is facilitated by a speed-reducing gearbox. The power transfer is achieved by means of permanent magnets without piercing the glass.

The manual operating unit and tension unit are built in to the room-side of the unit during manufacture. When ordering it is necessary to state whether the fixture should be located top right or left.

The tensioning unit – directly under the operating unit – is fixed after glazing and ensures exact positioning of the cord pull.


3. System description

The description of the individual system components can be downloaded from the right.

System components DLS ECKLITE SC PRIVAT [PDF]

4. Technical data

The individual components of ECKLITE have been tested for light and energy transmission values at TU Berlin (Light Technology Dept.) and have been evaluated to EN 410 und EN 13363-2.

Technical data can be found on the right.

Depending on the type of glazing chosen, a g-value of up to 0.05 can be achieved. This achieves a total energy transmittance equivalent to a good quality external louvre system.

Fitness for use
The quality and thereby the fitness for use – also over and above warranty – has been determined by the Rosenheim Window Institute (ift Rosenheim) through their own guideline (VE 07/2) for insulated glass. ECKLITE was tested with powered louvres and has passed all of these practical criteria. The scheduled 20,000 cycles were more than doubled with ECKLITE which indicates an average service life of 40 years.


5. Design notes

Guideline 6 of the OIB requires that even rooms in residential buildings must account for the requirements in Austrian Standard ÖNORM B 8110-3, and protect from summer overheating (room temperature max. 27° C).
New buildings must provide certification of energy balance.

Therein the potential necessary cooling load must be included in the energy balance disclosure statement.

Existing buildings must provide an energy certification since January 2009.

Louvre colours
Louvres can also be manufactured in special colours. This may, however, result in detrimental effects on overall performance and dependent on temperature and the resulting absorption values may also cause undesired effects such as high inner surface temperatures or excessive deflection. We recommend that special colours are only used internally.


6. Application technical notes

Structural dimensioning

Structural proof is to be provided by the customer. Prevalent wind loads, climate loads and increased glass temperatures must be accounted for.

Deflection from positive or negative wind loads measured at centre of glass:

  • max. 15 mm

Deflection from climate loads per individual sheet measured at the centre of glass:

  • with 32 mm cavity max. – 6 mm
Requirements of sub-frames

We advise that the design of sub-frames should take into account the deflection restrictions of the insulated unit relate to the edges of the glass. For mullions it is generally max. l / 300, whereby deviations thereto restrict the deflection in the transom to a max. of 5 mm.

Requirements of window frames

Please see the particular glazing and processing guidelines (Point 4).

Particular guidelines for glazing and processing of DLS ECKLITE SC PRIVAT [>]


5 years in accordance with our “particular warranty conditions for DLS ECKLITE SC PRIVAT “ [>].

Guidelines for the assessment of visual quality in DLS ECKLITE SC elements can be found in our Handbook tolerances [>].

Other Tolerances

The definitions in the Handbook Tolerances apply [>].

General Operation notes

ECKLITE PRIVAT is maintenance-free and simple to operate. To have an effective and efficient solar control function, and to avoid contra-productive operation, we recommend following our operation notes [>].

[PDF] General Glazing Guidelines