Insulated glass with variable solar and glare control


1.1 Dimensions and sizings

Glass width

max. 2000 mm x 3100 mm
or 1500 x 4000 mm
min. 450 mm

ECKELT will determine the composition of the glass – glass thickness and cavity width of 32 mm – depending on the application, location of building above sea-level, climate loads and barometric pressure.

1.2 Certification

ECKLITE SC Standard types all have relevant performance data certification.

Depending on the type of system, a solar factor of up to 5 % can be achieved.

The system has the harmonisation certificate (Ü-mark) required in Germany.

1.3 Structural dimensioning

The customer is responsible to determine the glass thickness. Local wind loads, climate loads and increased glass temperatures must be considered.

Deflection from wind pressure or suction at the centre of glass:

  • Max. 15 mm

Deflection from climate load on individual sheets at centre of glass:

  • With 32 mm cavity is max. – 6 mm
Requirements of sub-frames

We advise that the design of subframes should take into account the deflection restrictions of the insulated unit relates to the edges of the glass. For mullions it is generally l/300, with ECKLITE it is however a max. of 5 mm.

Requirements of window frames

Please see the particular glazing and processing guidelines (Point 4).

Particular glazing and processing guidelines of DLS ECKLITE SC [>]

[PDF] General Glazing Guidelines

Louvre colours

Louvres can also be manufactured in special colours. This may, however, result in detrimental effects on overall performance. Dependent on temperature and the resulting absorption values, undesired effects such as high inner surface temperatures or excessive deflection may also occur.



2. General notes for Electro-design

For complex set-ups and requirements we strongly recommend an early coordination in the design phase of the project.

We recommend the use of system suitable motor control units and transformers from ECKELT. Other products are not tested by us and the customer has sole responsibility for the function and possible damage to the ECKLITE elements. Incorrect installation may result in poor operation and a reduction in the lifespan or even to long-term and irreparable damage.

Electro-magnetic compatibility

In order to avoid performance disruptions, control cables should be protected against electro-magnetic currents and should not be laid parallel to high-voltage cables. The electrician should check to see whether installations require such protection.


An extended warranty up to a period of 10 years can be offered when the commissioning is carried out by ECKELT. This encompasses installation of the transformers; ECKLITE CONTROLLER installation, coupling of all control cables to the ECKLITE CONTROLLER, coupling to the main power source, Programming of the upper and lower louver end points and initial louvre reference adjustment.

BMS – Building Management System

To achieve the maximum efficiency in offices using  Ecklite, it is recommended that an automated control system is employed. Using different software and hardware options such as solar-tracking, timers and artificial light, this offers the ability to customise and optimise the system to suit individual user profiles, even reacting to different weather conditions. A user-independent performance can therefore be ensured.

On request, we are able to offer complete system solutions.

For exisiting BMS application with EIB or LON-BUS it is necessary to use ECKLITE CONTROLLERS under the following pre-requisites:

  • BMS output is potential-free (1 x root, 1 x up, 1 x down)
  • Real-time replay

Early involvement of the end-user and coordination by an electrical consulant has proven to result in an economical and efficient solution.



2.1 Motor control units, Power source and connection cable

For the operation of ECKLITE, motor control units and plugs for DC power as well as connection cables with push-connectors which are supplied by ECKELT as well as customer supplied operating elements (e.g. switches) are necessary.

Basic possibilities can be found in the switch schematics and manual for ECKLITE CONTROLLER.


  • ECKLITE CONTROLLER EF - incl. socket


  • ECKLITE CONTROLLER 2P or 6P necessary for use with ENCODER
ECKLITE CONTROLLER for controlling 2 blinds

Control input: Up/down for manual operation and Up/Down for Group/Central control of both blinds
Address code switch: Standard interface RS 485 MOD-Bus, for max. 64 blinds/Bus-track
Indicator: 3-way LED for visual status information
Controller program: Basis parameter for speed, impulse length for fine adjustment, run-time equalisation, time between service etc. are pre-installed in the standard program. Subsequent parameter setting is possible e.g. for ENCODER-operation, as well as reading of service hours etc. via the RS 485 interface. CE tested joinable screw clamps for motor and switch cabling. Base for cap rail with clamp for plug and RS 485 MOD-Bus, incl. coverbox

Suitable also for ENCODER (ECKLITE SC xx-ENC) – Details can be found in the Manual for ECKLITE® CONTROLLER 2P SC xx and SC xx-ENC.

An alternative to the ECKLITE CONTROLLER 2P is the ECKLITE CONTROLLER 6P with the possibility of connecting 6 motors. This special controller format is in its own housing and not suitable for use with electrical splitters.

Function description
Manual operation with Standard switch

Up/down switch: slow, complete pivot, duration approx. 4 sec.
Self-holding: automatic after 4 sec. transfer into running speed up of down until arriving at end position. Closing and automatic cut-off position following downward movement.
Pause: by switch (in opposite direction) in every position
Louvre blade position: short switch fine adjustment possible

Manual operation with additional Central switch - Standard

As manual operation with switch, but no self-holding, no automatic cut-off position.

Individual Programming

Angle position of louvres, duration for self-holding, running and start speeds are programmable through the RS 485 prior to delivery and following installation in accordance with user requirements.

ECKLITE CONTROLLER 2P or 6P in combination with ECKLITE SC xx-ENC

The following functions are also achievable:

  • Direction-defined end position parametering
  • Slow movement to end position parametering
  • Definable louvre mid-positioning and angle with ECKLITE-center controllable via RS 485
  • Speeds and position are controlled through the CONTROLLER
  • Memory functions in EEPROM
Power source

The in-situ (e.g. 230 V) power source must be stabilised and calibrated using suitable transformers to 24 V DC.

Connection cable

In order to guarantee function and operation it is necessary to use system-designed connection cables with plugs from ECKELT. These can be supplied in different lengths. For ECKLITE SC, 4-pole connection cables, for ECKLITE SC xx-ENC, 6-pole connection cables in 5, 10 or 20 m lengths are typically available with plugs for insulated units pre-mounted on one side.

Performance characteristics

Differing dimensions such as same height but different widths, system determined friction differences and tolerances determine run-time differences in comparison to adjacent elements. These may increase depending on the amount of use. This effect can be significantly improved by using the motorised control unit „DLS ECKLITE CONTROLLER“. The run-time differences are better synchronised.

DLS ECKLITE SC xx-ENC possesses an additional ENCODER (Increment regulator), which takes permanent distance measurements on two channels every 16 Impulses per motor revolution and provides auto-adjustment via the DLS ECKLITE CONTROLLER 2P or 6P. This allows optimum positioning – also in relation to adjacent louvres – even in units with different dimensions. Synchronisation of a number of adjacent louvre units is thereby assured.

ECKLITE SC and ECKLITE SC xx-ENC have integrated stop mechanisms for upper and lower end positions. When the louvre reaches an end position the power is cut and the louvre is either closed or compacted. This allows movement in the opposite direction which is necessary for a cut-off or horizontal positioning of the louvre.

When lowering it is possible that some individual blades do not sit cleanly in the guide cord. This irregular appearance can normally be regulated with ECKLITE CONTROLLER control unit by automatic louvre reversal when it reaches the lower end position.

Data sheets connection cable ECKLITE CONTROLLER and CONTROLLER EF

3. Technology

System data

Relevant dimensions for design and installation such as location of power outlets, visible width, louvre box height etc. can be seen in the system data diagram on the right.

System components

The description of the individual system components can be downloaded from the right.

Ease of use

The quality and reliability of the blind unit in the insulated glass unit was first determined by objective test criteria in the Guideline VE 07/2 from the Institute for Window technology (ift Rosenheim). ECKLITE SC was the only product which fulfilled these criteria. A unit of ECKLITE SC with dimension 2000 x 2500 mm was tested, whereby the long-term performance was determined with 43,300 cycles which equates to a service life of a standard insulating glass unit without louvres.



System components DLS ECKLITE SC

4. Warranty

An extended warranty of 10 years – in acordance with our „particular warranty conditions for DLS ECKLITE SC“ -   can only be offered when ECKLITE CONTROLLERS are used and the commissioning is carried out by ECKELT.

Guidelines for the assessment of visual quality in DLS ECKLITE SC elements can be downloaded from Handbook Tolerances [PDF].

General Operation notes

Generally, the mode of operation – in particular the frequency and intervals of complete up and down movement (cycle) – will affect the life-cycle of the complex and electrical components of DLS ECKLITE. We therefore recommend that the louvres are only set to be operated at the necessary number of cycles so as to ensure the desired room comfort. In particular with changeable weather conditions it is sensible to adapt the system for delayed impulse settings (system idling) which only changes the angle of the louvres.

Operation notes

The complex technical solution has amongst other functions the duty to provide a simple and user friendly operation. Significant guidelines such as misuse etc. Can be found in the operation guidelines for ECKLITE Standard control.