CLIMA+WOOD General Info

Glass supports walls – the intelligent building stiffener

A research project together with Wood Research Austria led to the development of a support system with a multi-part load-bearing exterior wall construction made of glass and wood. For the first time, CLIMA+WOOD makes available a ready-to-install glass-wood system.

Glass – a sustainable building element

Glass fulfils the basic necessity for urban people, to connect them with nature and to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Natural daylight and protection from rain and wind alone, no longer suffice for modern requirements. Energy savings and reduction in greenhouse gases are important factors. All of this is possible with the latest development in glass technology – as proven by current studies at the Danube Universty in Krems. Large areas of glass are even energy winners in the North, and reduce the heating requirement in comparison to a passive solid wall by U = 0,12 W/m².K. Architecture and its intelligent technical transformation shape the ambience, slim buildings and reduced supporting elements underline the aesthetic of modern design.

CLIMA+WOOD – an elegant system solution

CLIMA+WOOD the new system solution for multi-section glass-wood constructions for building stiffening which combines transparency, stability, energy gains and weather protection. A significant advantage of this wall element is that CLIMA+WOOD contributes to the stability of the building against wind pressure and suction. This means that other structural construction parts such as wind bracing or wall areas can be considerably reduced or even eliminated all together. CLIMA+WOOD elements are capable of withstanding loads in the plane of the glass. The glass is therefore also a load-bearing and stiffening element.

Effectiveness of load transfer through the system CLIMA+WOOD
Composition of the Wood-Glass-Laminate element CLIMA+WOOD for building stiffening [PDF]
Ready to install CLIMA+WOOD element from ECKELT

Proven in practice

The residential „Schattenbox“ in the Vienna forest was awarded the Lower Austria wood building prize for 2009. Within the scope of the research project for Superreal – Superlab / Dold and Hasenauer OG, ECKELT supplied VARIO triple glazed insulating units with mechanical restraints including SSG bonding to patented coupling plate.

NÖ Wood building prize 2009 – Shadowbox in the Vienna forest
Superreal – Superlab / Dold und Hasenauer OG