Systemised Wall cladding

The economical solution for maintenance free glass facades and wall cladding with a variety of design options!

LITE-POINT is a facade wall cladding system typically used for glazed spandrel areas, renovation and interior cladding. The advantages of glass with its ability for weather- and ageing-resistance, colour trueness and the inherent sustainable value predestine glass as a wall cladding.

LITE-POINT requires no frame construction rather it is installed onto its subframe free of tension with flush-mounted point-fixings. The system allows ideal protection for insulation and excels because of its minimal installation effort.

The glass is anchored to the system subframe with flush-faced LITE-POINT fittings. A tension-free connection is achieved with respect to expansion due to temperature fluctuations. Building and installation tolerances are simple to accommodate. Good thermal insulation on „face-lifting“ renovations or new construction is easily improved through the use of passive solar energy gain, particularly when high energy transmission glass is used such as SECURIT-H from DECOR- or MASTERGLASS or SERALIT LITEX with minimal print coverage. With EMALIT-H it is possible to achieve attractive colours and patterns.

European Patent: EP 0 972 891 A3