Why register?

With the company website GLASSOLUTIOLNS AUSTRIA offers a variety of information for everyone. Providing the broadest spectrum of data for free and to support our customers was one of the main reasons for the re-launch.

By registering as a website user you are able to access the complete range of information available. Our short-term goal is to increase our support for individual demands through our industry association and to provide specific technical support to the various affiliations within our industry.

In addition you can also register to receive the GLASSOLUTIONS AUSTRIA newsletter.
You can cancel your registration at any time.

What information do you get when registered?

Once registered you can access the following and more information:

  • Structural tables for LITE-FLOOR
  • Official test reports and certificates
  • Test reports from institutes
  • Details of SERALIT LITEX designs
  • DXF- and DWG-data for your own use

If you have any questions relating to registration please contact Mrs. Birgit Aspalter.