Eckelt 06.2009
Invitation to the Day of Transparency 25/06/2009
ECKELT Glas cannot be ignored when it comes to contemporary architecture. From our central location in Steyr we supply high-value products and know-how all over the globe. How? You can experience exactly how at a special day as part of our exclusive circle of clients. You are most welcome to join us!
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Understanding Glass
Allow us to escort you around our facilities and take a look inside the workings of ECKELT Glas in all of its operations. In our exhibition tents you will experience the world of transparency with insightful presentations. In the workshops you will also see how the products are created.
A taste of proceedings
Enjoy some of our culinary delights on your way through and let your ears be pampered by Saxophonist Andrew Young. At the Parcours segway you also have a chance to show your sporting talents.
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Networking opportunity
Use the opportunity to make new contacts or meet long-time colleagues of different professions. Transparency connects.
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